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Holandia: Zagłębianie się w holenderską gospodarkę (EN)
The Netherlands is among the top 20 biggest economies in the world, and a GDP per capita of over fifty thousand dollars.

There is this topic that individualistic societies are more likely to gain economic success collectively. The government traditionally had a higher regulatory role in the economy. It remains highly regulated but still a ‘market economy. In fact, it is arguably often referred to as the birthplace of modern capitalism with a history of The Dutch East India Company..

The video also discusses "Tulip Mania" and "Greater Fool Theory”.It also discusses Groningen gas and it's impact on the Dutch economy as well as "The Dutch Disease".

The video also discusses certain behavioral economics aspects, employment rate, part-time employment, income inequality, wealth inequality, welfare programs and spending, household debt and housing, population density, tax havens and corporate tax avoidance, importance of Rotterdam, EuroZone and the possibility of Nexit, Agricultural innovation & Wageningen University, and Doughnut Economics.
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